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Online Dating Advice

Tips for a Secure and Discreet Affair

Meeting people online is a risky business. On one hand, it seems to be an effective way to keep your affair in secret, as opposed to the more old-fashioned ways to hook up. Nevertheless, it may also reveal your cheating in case you don't pay due attention. In order to help you remain discreet with your online arrangements on the side from your marriage or relationship, we present you with a list of helpful tips below.

Create Brand New Accounts

Surprisingly, it is quite a common mistake that many people make – hooking up through normal social networks. These men completely ignore the fact how likely their wives or girlfriends are to discover the conversations with other women that reveal their unfaithfulness. 

Moreover, avoid creating a new account on a regular social network to be dedicated specifically to hooking up. Always keep in mind that social platforms such as Facebook keep track of all of your conversations, which makes it so simple for other to stumble upon your new profile. Even changing the privacy settings is not likely to warrant that your private profile remains truly private.

Therefore, if you want to avoid bumping into your wife or girlfriend or her friends, as well as letting them discover your profile, just keep your online dating on those websites that exist specifically for that reason. Your profile is unlikely to be visible to anyone who is not registered on the site. And the only people that are registered on such websites are horny individuals seeking casual sеx just like you. 

Always be sure to permanently get rid of all signup e-mails, unsubscribe from all newsletters and turn off notifications. It is also a good idea to create a new e-mail address every now and then, but also do remember to log out of it every time. 

Use Discreet Browsing Mode

You may assure all of your online dating history is deleted every time you close your browser window. This will help you to stop worrying about deleting your conversations and history on the website. These days, most sites and even their mobile versions allow private browsing.

When you switch to private browsing, it will erase your online history, cookies and passwords. Whenever you enter your adult dating website account in private browsing, you will be automatically logged out as soon as your browser is closed. 

Avoid Using Your Phone Number

Your mobile phone actually poses the biggest threat to the security of your affair. If you create a password, your wife (girlfriend) will suspect that you are hiding something. Although she might not be interested in the contents of your phone, one day you might receive a flirty message that will be visible on your phone screen.

It is not a good idea to carry around another mobile phone either. It is quite straightforward to arrange hook ups via the dating website that you use, so simply don't use your phone number for such matters. In case there is no way you can avoid using your phone, you may obtain another phone number from Google Voice and forward it to your existing phone. Your phone number from Google Voice may be deleted at any time, and your real number won't be revealed.

Always Use Protection

Although the digital proof of your affair may be deleted, it is more difficult to conceal the physical evidence like a sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. Your partner may claim to use birth control medicine, but remember that many girls don't take their pills at the same time daily. Therefore, just use a condom for further safety. 

In case of doubt, avoid an intercourse or just ask for a hаndjоb. Also, never accept any pills from a hook up partner, and don't get to intoxicated. 

The Top Websites for Discreet Affairs

We do hope that after reading this list of tips on how to maintain the privacy of your affair your actions will be more careful. This means that you are now prepared to start hooking up in a more secure and discreet way. That's why we have prepared a selection of the best platforms for online hook ups. They are rated according to the functions they offer, user satisfaction and safety, as well as to how simple it is to hook up. Check out the list of these platforms above.