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Overview of HeatedAffairs

In most marriages, somewhere down the line there comes a moment when one of the partners feels tempted to cheat. But if you ever do, how do you avoid getting caught? If you register for an account on Heated Affairs, which is ultimately the perfect online destination for married men seeking another arrangement on the side. More than 40 million members trust Heated Affairs as their preferred online dating website for a secure affair experience.

Ease of use

For those users who are seeking casual flings with no strings attached, simplicity in site navigation tends to be a crucial factor. One should be allowed to jump effortlessly from one activity to another. Heated Affairs really takes it to the next level enabling its subscribers to enjoy a straightforward online dating experience navigating through the site's numerous valuable features in an instant. The general layout of the platform is remarkably clear and simple, where all tabs and icons are neatly labelled and positioned. All of the website's countless dating tools are always only a click away no matter where you are.

Features & communication

Heated Affairs is an incredibly well-made online social platform that ticks all the boxes of a top-notch dating website for fun-loving adults. The supply of provocative images and video files uploaded by other members is truly impressive here. If this does not sound like a convincing argument to you, Heated Affairs offers a function that is to a large extent unique among the wide range of dating websites nowadays – that is the ability to support your online profile with blog entries. Also, there are plenty of specialised communities that unite users with similar ideas and beliefs. As a member of Heated Affairs you will get to enjoy a stunning variety of communication methods as well. Apart from a great number of specialised communities mentioned above, these include hundreds of exciting adult chat rooms and live webcams with other users of the website. The site's trademark Magazine section provides subscribers with a decent selection of helpful recommendations, tips and other valuable information on adult dating, which is updated on a very frequent basis. No matter how proficient with dating you are, these tips will always help you to up your game.

Search tool

Whenever you happen to log in to Heated Affairs, the immediate thing you will see on your homepage is a selection of the most popular pictures of other members. Click on the one that you find attractive and start a casual chat with that person right away. Members who are currently online will be listed in a separate section, as well as the most recent matching users. Heated Affairs features a straightforward search engine, that enables one to look for others through the basic and the advanced search tools. The advanced search lets you specify the most detailed characteristics you expect to find in your potential partner.


In order for an adult dating platform to become truly popular among mass users, it needs to provide outstanding services in a secure online environment. Whenever you happen to witness any behaviour that seems illegal or inappropriate, you may easily report such users to the on-site Abuse Team. Keep in mind that your online profile on Heated Affairs is visible exclusively to members with paid subscription.

Pricing & Plans

Despite the fact that registering an account as a basic user is entirely free on Heated Affairs, one still needs to purchase one of the membership plans. Gold membership grants access to Heated Affairs for a period of a month at a price of £19.95. Alternatively, you may select a three-month package offered for £14.95 a month. Collectively we suggest that the three-month subscription represents the best available balance between flexibility and value for money. You may also customize your account settings to switch on profile highlights in the search results, adult films on demand and many other things.


Obviously, your success in the online dating world clearly depends on your personal performance related to it – namely how often you log in to your account, how uptodate your page is, etc. Nevertheless, it is also true that your chances to succeed may be significantly affected by the website you select to date on. Heated Affairs is certainly one of those websites that give you all the necessary tools to enjoy the best online dating experience and meet many new people here. The site's userbase is truly immense and numbers over 40 million worldwide users. It is also worth a note that the two longer subscription packages will give you more access on top of the term of the subscription.