Milfsaffair REVIEW

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Overview of Milfsaffair

MilfsAffair is a new yet extremely promising casual dating site designed to connect mature and confident women with men both young and already established. MilfsAffair does not have any restrictions on the nature of the resulting relationships so every single user is completely free to search for either a committed relationship or a laid-back no strings attached night of fun with one or more existing members. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous older female screw buddy or a passionate and confident long-term lover, MilfsAffair has your back! Considering the sweeping number and the sheer diversity of the site’s users we feel absolutely positive you’ll have someone to chat up all possible times and if you want to take it one or ten steps further everything’s in your hands!

Ease of use

The uncomplicated navigation system of MilfsAffair empowers every single user to get the most out of the site’s functionality. The search tool and all of the site’s features can be accessed from any tab without any hassle and if you are a complete noob, you can always turn to the FAQ page that hosts all of the answers to your possible questions. If for some unfathomable reason, you could not find the explanation, make sure to contact the MilfsAffairs’ quick and responsive support team.

Features & communication

The appeal of MilfsAffair is not limited to its immense user base and a fool-proof layout. The site also has a number of practical features devised to set up as well as improve your communication with local milfs of interest. If you are new to casual dating sites, consider starting with sending a cougar of choice a wink or a flirt and then proceed to instant messages and one-on-one chats. Make sure to send your potential hookups a friend request and add them to the “Buddy” list so you can always reach them with little to no time when you need to scratch an itch. Speaking of cool features, we cannot fail to mention that you can always go and watch some of the hottest milfs on MilfsAffair putting on a show in tabs “Live Cams” and “Extra”!

Search tool

Browsing for the members of interest can be time consuming and quite often ineffective, especially on dating sites.  That is not the issue with the MilfsAffair’s advanced search tool that in addition to the basic version’s age, sex, location, and last activity lets you browse potential partners by race, appearance, body type, and even sexual preferences!


MilfsAffair makes an extra effort to ensure that your membership is discreet and will not be revealed to anyone in your everyday life unless you decide to do so yourself. None of the bills contain the name of the site and the site itself provides the full security of your information contained on the site. Apart from it, the site also regularly makes sure that there are no fraudulent profiles and spurs every user to report suspicious behavior coming from their members.

Pricing & Plans

MilfsAffairs is one of the rare sites that offers you a free trial for you to feel out most of the site’s functions. However, if you want a full experience as well as an access to some of the bonus features you will be required to purchase either a 1-month membership for $29.95 or a 3-month membership for only $69. That’s an incredible deal where you can save $20 as opposed to paying $90 for three separate packages for each month.


Despite the relatively young online presence MilfsAffair is a promising casual dating site with a considerable user base that holds much promise for the future and surprises us with great results even now. The user-friendly interface coupled with functional features make MilfsAffairs one of the best casual dating sites up to date.