Some Reasons Why Your Grandparents Are Probably Enjoying Better Intimacy Than You

Some Reasons Why Your Grandparents Are Probably Enjoying Better Intimacy Than You

December 25, 2017
Some Reasons Why Your Grandparents Are Probably Enjoying Better Intimacy Than You

Isn't it disturbing? Hard to determine which part of it is more alarming – the fact that your grandparents might be having an intercourse tonight or that they will be doing it better than you. It is a widely accepted thought among youngsters that sеx can be of quality only as long as you are young. However, as it has been confirmed recently by Baylor University, sеx gets the most perfect after close to fifty years of experience. 

The university recently released a study which argues that people that have been in a relationship for more than fifty years actually have better-quality sеxual life than the average individual, and in bigger quantities. Such argument is certainly contrary to what our generation tends to think about being attractive and getting old. We all tend to regard sеx as something hot and passionate, but elderly people may have a few tricks up their sleeve which are able to improve the way they indulge in an intercourse with each other. 

Naturally, the old folks have to be more creative in the way they try to make each other feel good precisely because they just cannot be throwing each other onto beds in insane action. On the other hand, you don't necessarily have to wait for another twenty-five years to pass before you are able to enjoy the best sеx in your lifetime. We hereby offer you a couple of extremely effective tips which will certainly improve the quality of sеx you have while you are still young. These tips are from those with lots of practice, trial and error over an extensive amount of years. 

Make It Slower

When we are young we tend to rush somewhere without taking the time to look around. Many of us are wrongly convinced that old folks are to ancient to realize they are driving slower than anybody else. However, they perfectly know what they are doing, how they are doing it and they are doing it on purpose. Whenever engaging in an intercourse, do take your time and slow down every once in a while to enjoy the process. It is a common mistake to concentrate on the big «O» without stopping to sense all the emotions that lead up to the finale. If you want to cherish your sеxual experience, take it slow and find the path least driven. This way you will be able to fully enjoy all the emotions along the way. 

It's not about the Hole in One

Many elderly people will occasionally encounter times in their relationship when usual penetration is just impossible. It may happen because of the man's problems such as erectile issues or it may be rooted in other life situations like pregnancies or illnesses. Either way, during such time penetration, is not preferred or may be impossible at all. This is why elderly individuals are forced to come up with ways to enjoy each other without intercourse as such. Remember that some of the best emotions are experienced outside of the penetration at all for either of you. Improving the sensations that are not a result of an intercourse will improve the emotions felt during penetration as well. You will just have to use more imagination to find out what turns your partner on.

There Is no Time Requirement

It is quite common for younger men to think that their manhood is defined by the amount of time they are able to last in bed. The last thing anyone wants to experience is a quick finish. As a consequence, they may in fact be trying really hard for numerous hours while the lady might just want it to end. Therefore, always remember that it is not about how many minutes your sеx lasts, it is about the quality of emotions both of you experience along the way. There is no particular time limit to having a wonderful intercourse. 

It Is not Always about Being Hot

Nowadays most of us tend to believe that our sеxual life depends on the young age and hormones. Nonetheless, the sexual essence of someone’s body is not always the factor that decides how pleasant the experience is. There are certainly ways to enjoy an intercourse with a woman whose body might not be exactly perfect for you. Some of us are sure that sеx is always better the more attractive the partner is, but it isn’t all about the woman’s physical appearance on the outside. In most cases, it is about her ability to be intimate and share and let you share the pleasant emotions together. Try to think beyond what you see in front of you and focus on what goes on in her mind. Enjoying her emotions being shared with you is one of the most important things to learn if you want to have better sеx.

Pоrn Used to be not free

One of the main challenges of our generation is that there is so much free pоrn readily available to us. It is actually detrimental for our minds. We watch pоrn and see how it is portrayed in film and think that is the proper way to have sеx. People are led to believe in stereotypes related to what should happen during intimacy, what is ok and what is not. The lives of the generations before us were not influenced by such a strong portrayal of this aspect, as they relied on their imagination a lot more. Hence, the trick is to disregard the stereotypical ideas related to what women expect from you in bed and to concentrate on your partner’s tastes and emotions. 

The bottom line is your sеxuаl life is likely to last well into your 80’s. If you don’t feel like waiting many years for it to get better, follow the simple tips from experienced men of older generations.