Five Tips on Creating a Perfect Profile Picture

Five Tips on Creating a Perfect Profile Picture for a Dating Site

October 16, 2018
Five Tips on Creating a Perfect Profile Picture for a Dating Site

Whenever you meet someone in conventional surroundings such as bars or nightclubs, there are plenty of tools at your disposal which may help you attract a person. These include physical appearance, sense of humour, personality, etc. Meeting online is different, however – in most cases, you are judged by the profile picture that you choose to upload to your page. Regarding the profile pictures, there are some things that attract women, and some things that put them off easily. If you want to improve your response rates and be more successful in the online dating pool, in general, it is crucial to understand how to select the profile picture for your page. This is exactly where we come in to offer you the five most helpful tips for selecting the perfect profile picture. 

Give It All

If you upload a picture that only shows a certain part of your body like chest or legs, women will be wondering what the rest of you is like. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an image that shows your whole body so that girls can see your overall appearance. It is important to remember that many women depend on their fantasies, particularly so when they are looking for a person to meet up with. They will be most enticed if they see a picture of your whole body. 

Smiling Helps

While it is to an extent true that most women prefer masculine bodies, one cannot disregard the fact that a genuine smile will appeal to many as well. If you choose to upload a close up picture of your face, you will definitely get her attention. She will have the feeling that she already knows you whenever you start talking to each other. It is true that most girls like intimacy and a rather personal picture of a smiling handsome man certainly develops it. 

In-Motion Pictures

Generally, women are not attracted to someone who sits on the couch watching life pass him by. In order to prove you are not one of those guys, make sure you upload a picture of a fun activity you enjoy – playing sports, hiking a mountain or swimming in the lake. By the way, it is also an excellent way to show of your fitness. Don't forget that women like fit guys who know how to move it. 

Avoid Cutting People out

Always choose a full image without excluding anyone from it. If you cut someone out of your picture, it may appear as though you can quickly exclude people from your life. Be sure to use a full-size picture of a fun person (or group of friends) without cropping anybody or photoshopping the image.

Bottom Line

Taking into account how many men are available on adult dating websites, it is quite a competitive matter. These days girls make up their minds whether they are attracted to someone they see on a site within seconds. Therefore, choosing the right profile picture is extremely important if you want to be popular. If you select an image which perfectly reveals just how excellent you are, you will be getting plenty of attention online and when you meet up in real life.

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