What Constitutes Cheating in a Relationship?

What Constitutes Cheating in a Relationship?

December 25, 2017
What Constitutes Cheating in a Relationship

The Nine Myths about Cheating that Everybody Believes

Whenever someone discovers disloyalty, in most cases he or she inevitably assumes many things about how and why people cheat on each other. Let's face the truth – when it comes to disloyalty there are many assumptions shared by many people around us which aren't true. We now outline the nine most widespread rumours about infidelity which are not based on any evidence.

As Soon as an Affair is Revealed, a Relationship Cannot Be Happy any Longer

Contrary to what many of us think, couples may be happy again tomorrow even after their infidelity has been revealed. The only reason such stories don't circulate as much as the wrongful misconceptions is because not many people openly mention it. Recovering from such a serious injuries, their relationship may still be reconstructed. 

Being able to separate truth from wrongful beliefs actually helps one of the couple understand the reasons why affairs take place, how to prevent your partner from cheating on you and what to do if one of you ends up cheating. 

It's Never Simply about Sex

There are a lot of people out there that believe that people cheat on each other in pursuit of better sexual experience. And even though the only reason why many people look for partners on the side is sometimes purely hooking up for sex, the far more popular reason for infidelity is the search for satisfaction of unmet emotional needs outside of the relationship. 

If There's no Sex, It's not Cheating

In many cases, affairs do not include any physical sex at all. If you spend hours sharing your intimate fantasies with an old classmate via messages – does that mean you are cheating on your girlfriend at the time? Neither you nor the person you are texting might think both of you are engaging in infidelity, your girlfriend is very likely to have a different opinion on the matter. If you share emotions with someone you could possibly engage in sexual intercourse in the future – then it's actually cheating.

Cheating Is about Sexual Attraction

Of course, you cannot argue with the statement that most affairs happen in search of a better, more fulfilling sexual experience. On the other hand, many affairs include nothing more than spending time together and sharing emotions. However, it is also true that sharing feelings may lead to physical closeness further along the road. 

Affairs Emerge in Vulnerable Relationships

Let's face the reality – there are probably no marriages or relationships which are entirely problem-free. But in most cases, affairs emerge wherever couples are lost when facing challenges and simply do not know how to get through them together. Affairs don't occur because there is something wrong with the relationship. However, this does not mean that one can justify cheating by troubled relationship. 

Once a Cheater, Forever a Cheater

Of course, there are some really bad guys out there, but not everyone who lets something happen on the side from the relationship is a total scumbag. There are a lot of affairs that involve no more than single hook ups. The focus here should be on what occurs after the cheating has been revealed. The relationship may be rebuilt in a more stable and sustainable manner or it may be destroyed altogether. During this healing process the person that has cheated should reveal everything to the partner, because the relationship will heal sooner if both of the people know the truth.  

Your Marriage Is Ruined after an Affair

This one is actually not true either. Statistically, more than 50% of marriages worldwide do overcome infidelity. It is true that some of them may not survive other problems later, however, when couples are prepared to cooperate in order to go through such difficulties, many of them are surprised that their trust in each other may be rebuilt again. The most popular reasons for breakups is «growing apart» and not being able to trust each other and work together (in 53-55% of cases).

People Cheat with Someone Younger or More Attractive

The popularity of affairs whereby a wealthy older man is cheating with a younger woman is greatly overrated. Most typically affairs happen with people with more or less similar age, income and physical appearance parameters to the spouse.

Affairs Emerge when Men are on the Prowl

Affairs typically emerge from feeling comfortable with someone. When you are comfortable alone with somebody, the two of you often might share some personal thoughts which may then transform into a definite emotional connection that leads to the actual physical closeness. Therefore, affairs happen mostly to those people who aren't looking for anything at all.