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Online Dating Advice

How to Get More Replies to Your Messages on Casual Dating Sites

Many newcomers into the world of online dating feel disappointed after they have been using pickup websites for a while. If you spend hours sending out numerous texts and sеx chat invitations but only a few users are getting back to you, maybe its time to figure out a new, more effective strategy of interaction. 

You have to understand that ladies receive loads of messages from men every day. Still, you can stand out if you use a smart approach. Most of the messages girls receive from men are pointless or laughable. Ladies on dating websites are seeking casual fun encounters, but they get tired of men who just don’t understand their needs.

Writing a New Text Every Time Actually Isn't a Bad Idea

It is one of the most common mistakes made by men on casual dating websites to write one dumb message and then copy and paste it into every chat and send it out to dozens of girls. It is not only impersonal, it is also very easy for a girl to notice it. If you are not ready to spend a few minutes on a message to her, she won't bother to answer. While it is somewhat time to consume to come up with new personalized messages every time, soon you will notice the improvements in your response rates. In addition, it may be a helpful idea to begin with a simple template.

How to Create the Perfect First Message Template

It's a good idea to begin by saying «Hi» or «Hello» and adding the girl's name after that. In most cases, you will see her name on her profile page. However, if it's not there, her alias or username works too. If you use her name, it catches her attention and makes your message personalized. It is a commonly neglected detail, and it is incredibly important to remember it. Also, remember to mention something from her profile – if she included it in her biography section she is willing to discuss it. If you share similar interests or sexual preferences make sure to bring it up straight away.

Remember that it's always difficult to ignore a question mark, so make sure you ask her a question. You will see your response rates improve if you write something like «how are you?» or «how is your day going?».

Don't forget to double-check the grammar and the spelling of your message. Girls don't like it when your messages have to be decoded because you use shortened words, text-speak or baby-talk. Nonetheless, do not rely on thesaurus either as elaborate words and phrases might make you look dull. Keep your messages concise, simple and polite.

The Numbers Game

In the casual dating world it's all about maths – the more first messages you send to girls, the more responses you will receive. If you are not getting any messages back, you should consider sending out more first messages. It is probably the best idea to choose direct messaging as girls are not likely to notice your winks, likes or profile comments. Send loads of direct messages to many girls. Avoid messaging the same woman more than twice. If she ignores both of your messages, move on to the next person.

Make sure you reply rather quickly. Most girls on casual dating websites normally talk to many guys at the same time. So the longer you make her wait, the more likely she is to pick up with somebody else. 

Suggest meeting up in real life within the first couple of messages. Normally these girls are ready for a date within days, if not hours. However, if she does not accept your invitation, forget her and move on to the next person.

Lastly, consider a number of casual dating platforms. In case you are not getting any action, even after you have tried a few websites, you might be located in a community that is not very active. There are loads of excellent online platforms where sexy local singles hang out. Read the reviews we have carefully prepared for you to narrow down the top options.